Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we need to commit to a long-term contract?

A: No, there is no long-term contract. If you are not happy with Papin’s service, you can cancel anytime without extra fees. 

Q: How do you make sure we don’t run out of cassettes?

A: Papin always delivers more cassettes than what is needed for your day. However, if you have an unexpected procedure, we will deliver additional cassettes within a time frame at no extra charge.    

How are service fees determined?

 A: Service fees are determined by processing per unit.  If you do not use the instruments, you do not pay the service fee.  

For example, if you use 10 cassettes for a day, you will be billed for services of 10 cassettes.

What about safety?

A: We follow the same CDC and OSHA guidelines as dental offices, and are regulated at the same level. We sterilize one office at a time. Although this isn’t required, it is a standard we will hold to. We label your office’s kits and instruments to enable us to monitor safe handling and sterilization.  

Q: What if we don’t own enough cassettes for a full day of patients?

A: We understand most offices use a single kit multiple times throughout the day. Before the start of our service, we take inventory of your cassettes, single instruments and hand pieces. We then discuss your typical day, deciding together the amount of inventory you’ll need on your busiest day. If you do not have enough for a full day, Papin will purchase additional supplies at no cost to you, you only pay for sterilization services.

Q: How does delivery work?

A: We will work with your clinic to determine the best time for delivery and pickup, making it as convenient for you as possible.