Papin in 3 Simple Steps

1. Daily pick-up

We arrive at your clinic daily to pick up contaminated instruments.  We provide designated containers for sterile and non-sterile items, following CDC guidelines. 

2. Sterilization

We safely transport your contaminated instruments to our central service center.  We will sterilize, sharpen and repair as needed, and safely store until delivery.

3. Delivery

 We deliver your sterilized instruments to your practice daily, placing them where you'd like, ready to use.  We pick up contaminated instruments at this time as well, and the cycle begins again.  It's that easy.

How it works

1. Getting started

Signing up with Papin is easy.  If you are not happy with the service we provide, you may cancel anytime, without questions asked or a cancellation fee. 

Our service can also provide sharpening and hand piece repair.

2. First Visit

After signing up with Papin, we will visit your clinic to take inventory and personalize details that fit for your office.

We will duplicate your exact instruments free of charge, allowing for turnover time without effecting your instrument needs.

3. Sit back, relax and let Papin do all the work.

Let the magic happen.