"Extremely Cost Effective Service"

 "Our office has been utilizing Papin's services for over a month.   We have had exceptional service throughout the entire process.   This service has allowed us to spend more time focusing on our patient care, education and has taken the stress of sterilization off of our team.  I would also like to add that this service is extremely cost effective and more than reasonable to work into your budget.  We would highly recommend Papin Dental Services to any dental office that is looking to spend more time on patient care and to save money on sterilization products.  Thank you Papin for your outstanding service!" - Andrea Smith, Office Manager, Partners in Dentistry

"Always Sharp Instruments"

"This has been a great experience for me!  I have been a dental hygienist for many years and this by far is the greatest service an office has ever offered me.  I am really so pleased with Papin.  I don't have to worry about running out of instruments or sterilizing them anymore. They are always sharp and that makes my procedures go much faster! The time I used to spend on sterilization is now used for patient care, clinical notes, stocking and so many other duties that I need to preform. I'm so pleased that our office did this for our team-big thanks to my office!", Tasha Hess, Hygienist, Partners in Dentistry